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Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

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Culture (/ ˈ k ʌ l tʃ ər /) is the social behavior and norms found in human societies.Culture is considered a central concept in anthropology, encompassing the range of phenomena that are transmitted through social learning in human societies.

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

Anthropology majors may acquire professional experience outside the classroom by participating in a faculty-sponsored internship. The emphasis is on how social and natural variables are distributed, framing testable research questions, and choosing appropriate statistical tests. Topics course focusing on instances of identity and culture within the american scope.

Louis aids service organization (aso) or sexual health agency to explore how the interrelationships among gender, class, raceethnicity and sexual identity shape sexual health decisions, outcomes and access to services. Students should expect a very heavy reading load, and should plan on reading the assignments throughout the week. L48 anthro 333b anthropology of design artifacts, expertise, and insurgency in this course we will explore the deep-seated politics and cultures of design.

This class provides a well-rounded experience of the geography, social organization and social interconnections of one of the most essential and pivotal regions in world history and contemporary political discourse. This book is a highly readable overview of evolutionary approaches to human behavior, including chapters on cultural evolution and gene-culture coevolution. We include methods of integration of written records through contextual studies, discussion of specific artifact type identification techniques, and seminar-type treatments of other aspects of the field.

Topics covered will include the embryology of human sexual differentiation, the biology of the menstrual cycle and how it influences or is influenced by various disease states, contraception, infertility, cultural taboos and beliefs about menstruation and menopause, etc. The objectives of the course are to place emerging trends in archaeological research in a historical context, to understand new methods and to explore how various theoretical approaches influence the conduct of archaeological research around the globe. In most cases it has to deal with cultural and historical aspects of a food, set of foods, form of consumption or aspect of food production.

The second is to examine other perspectives on cahokia, especially from the native american descendants who consecrated this landscape nearly a millennium ago. For the final third, we still are reading and discussing, but the reading load is lighter (and we have a field trip) as students devote more time to their research papers. Prerequisite upper-level anthro or women and gender studies courses, or permission of instructor.

L transnational reproductive health issues meanings, technologies, practices this course covers recent scholarship on gender and reproductive health, including such issues as reproduction and the disciplinary power of the state, contested reproductive relations within families and communities, and the implications of global flows of biotechnology, population and information for reproductive strategies at the local level. A survey of current issues in the anthropological study of culture, politics and change across contemporary latin america and the caribbean. The expectations of a 300-level directed research project will be greater than those of a 200-level directed research. China this course provides a foundational introduction to comparative health studies by examining the health care systems of the united states and china. Economic growth coincides with the impacts of global warming, the assault on natural resources, the rise of new consumers and the entrenchment of deep inequalities.

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Introduction “Cultural evolution” is the idea that human cultural change––that is, changes in socially transmitted beliefs, knowledge, customs, skills, attitudes, languages, and so on––can be described as a Darwinian evolutionary process that is similar in key respects (but not identical) to biological/genetic evolution.

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

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Anthropology offers the opportunity to study human existence in the present and the past and to explore how and why humans vary in their behaviors, cultures and biology.
Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas Prerequisite anthro 3661, anthro 459 or permission of instructor. Prerequisite anthro 490 and permission of the faculty member who will supervise the continuing research project. We will explore how those processes relate to other sectors of the old world, such as those of south and southwest asia, Emphasis is placed not only on the apes and monkeys, but also on the lesser-known lemurs. Changing environments and animal behavior form the backdrop to cultural discussions. L bones to behavior undergraduate research in the lab and at the zoo we undertake zooarchaeological study of equid skeletons in the zooarchaeology laboratory at washington university, and in collaboration with the saint louis zoo, participate in a behavioral study of the courtship and breeding behavior of the ancestor of the domestic donkey the african wild ass.
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    This course focuses upon the methods and techniques employed in historical archaeology. Studies of trade and exchange are fundamental to our past, as cultures in contact result in new imaginings of self, communities, and place in the world. Anthropological linguistics, including alternative approaches to fieldwork and data collection are introduced, along with various studies of language usage in social and cultural contexts that consider language and thought, language and identity, language and gender, as well as multilingualism and other forms of language contact. To meet this goal the course is designed to examine the intersection of raceethnicity and health from multiple analytic approaches and methodologies. The rise of the global south and the reordering of global geopolitics, economics and cultural imaginaries is characterized by progressive change and intense conflict.

    Students should register under the l48 department code for any courses that will count toward the minor. This course provides the basic foundation in medical anthropology and cultural anthropology for students enrolled in the medicine and society program. This course provides a general introduction to the field of public health. Mesoamerica encompasses the pre-columbian complex societies of mexico and upper central america, including guatemala, belize, and parts of honduras and el salvador. The first third of the course focuses on early humans, the origins of meat eating, expansion of diet and cuisine, technical and cultural responses to changing environments.

    During the first half of the semester, students meet once a week for 2. What is development? Economic progress for all? A slow and gradual improvement in the human condition? Helping people with projects? Westernization? Modernization? The sorting out of bodies that are useful and can be put to work from those less useful bodies that must be contained, imprisoned or killed? The militarized accumulation of capital? The commodification of labor? The exhaustion of nature? In this advanced seminar we will consider how anthropologists as writers, analysts, and theorists have engaged the theories, meanings, practices and consequences of (sometimes externally directed) economic and political change. This course is an in-depth exploration of some of the key theorists and theoretical domains that have defined the field of psychological anthropology and beyond, including bakhtin, bateson, chodorow, dandrade, ewing, freud, goffman, hallowell, holland, irigaray, kleinman, kohut, lacan, lutz, rosaldo, strauss, sapir, scheper-hughes and vygotsky, among others. A maximum of 6 units of course work taken in university college (u69) may be counted toward the major. In western society, east asia often has been viewed as a place of enduring cultural identities, but it also has been a region of one of the worlds most dynamic and rapid transformations. However, some people consider graffiti as a legitimate form of art, communication, and a somewhat anonymous expression of current social climates. Prerequisites art-arch 112, art-arch 113, art-arch 211 or art-arch 215 one 300-level course in art history preferred or permission of instructor. We explore how people experience, narrate and respond to illness and other forms of suffering including political violence, extreme poverty and health inequalities. Ligital digging an introduction to archaeological geophysics in this class we will be exploring the history, technology, and application of geophysics in archaeology. This course covers the testing of univariate, bivariate and multivariate hypotheses using parametric, non-parametric and re-sampling methods.

    Landscape has long had a submerged presence within anthropology, both as a framing device which informs the way the anthropologist brings his or her study into 'view', and as the meaning imputed by local people to their cultural and physical surroundings.

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    This course also introduces students to public health approaches to noncommunicable disease prevention, environmental health, and healthy lifestyle promotion. This course provides an anthropological perspective on notions of deviance as social, psychological, moral and medical mechanisms of control and regulation. American popular culture is saturated with pseudoscientific and fictionalized accounts of archaeological discoveries and interpretations. Anthropology offers the opportunity to study human existence in the present and the past and to explore how and why humans vary in their behaviors, cultures and biology. Key questions revolve around the processes through which biological categories of sex become socially significant, and interact with various regimes of power such as the state, family, religion, medicine, the market, and science in everyday life Buy now Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

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    We cover various urban landscapes, rural landscapes, nomadic landscapes (and others), and the intersection of the natural environment, the built environments and the symbolism that weaves them together. Special topics include kin selection, sexual dimorphism and conservation genetics. This course is an anthropological and historical examination of tibetan societies inhabiting the tibetan plateau and the highlands of nepal. This course is complemented by various local field trips (slam, pulitzer, kemper and cahokia). In this course, we examine both the continuity and change of cultural and social patterns in this region.

    Topics include foragers, extensive and intensive farming, industrial agriculture, the ecology of conflict, and problems in sustainability Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas Buy now

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    We draw heavily on field studies and particular research projects of primates and emphasize their behavior in natural environmental and social settings. The objectives of the course are 1) to gain an understanding of principles of animal behavior by using primates as a model, 2) to understand variation in behavior and how ecology influences this variation in living primates, 3) to use the comparative approach to better understand why primate societies differ, and 4) to understand how we address and answer questions about primate behavior through field research the prehistoric pliocene and pleistocene evidence for human emergence and evolution. In this seminar, we examine the variety of historical and contemporary ways of interpreting and practicing islam, with special attention to issues of ritual, law and the state, and gender Buy Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas at a discount

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    Topics will include multidisciplinary teamwork, practitioner capacity building, community action programming, policy development and ethical design. What should i eat today? This seemingly simple question transects the fields of health, environmental studies, economics, history, anthropology, religion, and many others. Students also examine the complex relationship between mens and womens life goals and constraints, on the one hand, and the public health management of sexual health, on the other. The class will be working with the most tangible materials recovered from archaeological contexts, that is stone and pottery. The expectations of a 300-level directed research project will be greater than those of a 200-level directed research Buy Online Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

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    Culture and diversity cultural relativism and its contradictions custom and habits the construction and maintenance of norms communication, symbol, sign and intersubjectivity symbolic interaction rhetoric and the definition of social situations societal means of fabricating distinctions (e. The department of anthropology offers courses in the four subfields of anthropology archaeology, biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology and linguistics. This seminar explores questions of theory, method and ethics in the anthropology of science and technology. Prerequisites graduate standing, anthro 361 or permission of instructor. This course offers an introduction to bioarchaeology and mortuary archaeology as complementary approaches to the study of life in the past Buy Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas Online at a discount

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    Prerequisites anthropology 190b method, techniques and models for analyzing prehistoric ceramics. L48 anthro 341 health and wellness in the community a service learning seminar this 4-credit course is designed to be an interactive course whereby students will volunteer with a localcommunity-based health or health-affiliated organization under the supervision of an anthropology faculty member and explore the anthropological theories and methods of analyzing applied service and research. This course approaches the subjects of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class-related health disparity epidemiologically and anthropologically. In the second half of the semester, we no longer meet in the lab, and each student spends two mornings of their choice per week at the saint louis zoo conducting observations of the wild ass Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas For Sale

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    We explore how people experience, narrate and respond to illness and other forms of suffering including political violence, extreme poverty and health inequalities. We include methods of integration of written records through contextual studies, discussion of specific artifact type identification techniques, and seminar-type treatments of other aspects of the field. Topics include the social construction of knowledge, the reproduction of racial categories in genomics, the cultures of cyberspace, the commodification of bodies in medical science, and the ways in which various technoscientific projects reshape natural and political orders in diverse locales. We will also investigate the variation in human adaptive strategies to various environmental and social contexts, from huntergatherers to early neolithic farmers, to the interactions between nomadic populations and larger scale, urban societies in the bronze and iron ages For Sale Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

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    By the end of the course, students should be able to critically assess the value of these theories in understanding day-to-day economic activities in africa. Using this west african medical system as a baseline for comparison, the course then explores the nature of nosology (the classification of diseases) and the underlying logic of different therapeutic systems in different times and cultures, including our own. Students examine ethnographic, historical and literary works, including those written by muslim women. This course will cover major topics in the archaeology of ancient egypt, incorporating the latest debates and archaeological discoveries. Case studies include foot-binding, opium use, fashion, tea culture, fast food consumption, sports and nation building, contemporary art markets, the privatization of housing, and worker discipline in transnational factories Sale Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas










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